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UF System (Ultrafiltration)

UF System (Ultrafiltration)

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Ultrafiltration unit is basically a filtering process. Ultrafiltration technique using the water treatment itself or osmosis prior to applying to the bilmektedir. ultrafiltrasyo modules, 0.01 micron pore size with a membrane structure and use of chemicals, without the bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, a complete barrier acts. So this pr larger than the diameter of all particles turning back; 0.1 NTU less than turbidity and organic matter removal an excellent filtration capability shows.

known as drinking water occurring microbiological contamination at removing most practiced method of one of the chlorine to the water dosage operate. This is a considerable effect on the removal of microorganisms, although it is not 100%, some spores can withstand organisms such as microorganisms, disinfectants, but can be held with ultrafiltration membranes.

This means that we use in ultrafiltration systems pore diameter membranes is smaller than the diameter of microorganisms from water treatment to ensure that we will have confidence. Chlorine with organic substances contained in the water other than that of compounds, THM '(trihalomethane) s formed and this THM' s toxic effects on the human body is known to cause irreversible disorder. In this sense, ultrafiltration water any additive does not waste product does not leave unwanted oxidative produce substances have the most significant advantages.

UF modules, shallow waters are perfect for filtration, conventional biological and chemical treatment effluents, reverse osmosis systems can be fed enable and wastewater back acquisition projects of importance and sea water osmosis systems pre-treatment is pretty much at being used. UF systems are also sea water treatment, food industry and beverage process, natural drinking water treatment plants, bacteria and disinfection of water indirectly and many special processes also been used with success.Special design for waste water recycling and MBA origin, in the process for recycled water systems are the lifeblood.