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Test Pack For Phosphates (ortho)

Test Pack For Phosphates (ortho)

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It is a common practice to use Phosphates in water treatment applications due to their property of preventing scaling, Phosphates are added in boiler feed waters or cooling waters in limited quantities for this purpose. However, the concentration is closely monitored, regularly.

Measures Orthophosphate as PO4

  • Type : Colorimetric
  • Sensitivity : 2.0, 5.0 & 0.2 ppm
  • Range : 0-20, 0-50 & 0-2.0 ppm
  • No.of Tests/Pack : 100 nos.


  • Reagent bottles : 3nos.
  • Comparator & Test Jar
  • Compact PVC corrugated pack with Handle and lock.
  • Conveniently mounted waterproof testing procedure