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Test Pack For Hardness

Test Pack For Hardness

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Total hardness is a total of Calcium & Magnesium salts present in water. Hard water creates operational difficulties with Boilers, Cooling plants Heat exchangers or in domestic use of water. Also Hardness in process water is a critical parameter in many chemical processes. Whenever heat transfer takes place, with water as medium, hard water creates scaling on heating surfaces making heat-transfer progressively inefficient. Daily monitoring & control of water hardness at such places is important, as it can cause inefficient operation/failure of such equipment.

Indian standard IS 10500 specifies following limits for

drinking water Desirable limit ( max. ) : 300 ppm

Permissible limit ( max. ) : 600 ppm

Measures Total Hardness as CaCO3.

  • Type : Titration
  • Sensitivity : 1 & 5ppm.
  • Range : 0-1000ppm.
  • No.of tests/Pack : 200nos


  • Reagent Bottles : 4nos.
  • Test Jar & Stirrer
  • Compact PVC corrugated pack with handle & lock.
  • Conveniently mounted waterproof testing procedure.