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Test Pack For Residual Chlorine

Water Testing Kits / Test Pack For Residual Chlorine:

Test pack for Residual chlorine

Availability of safe drinking water is a matter of concern to all. Chlorinating is a safe & economical way of disinfecting water. However, to insure that the bacteria are killed-off completely by chlorinating, the dosage of chlorinating agent should be monitored at required level, daily. Regular monitoring can also save costly chlorinating chemical by avoiding unnecessary excess addition. Disinfecting water by chlorination is commonly practiced in swimming pools & in town / village drinking water supplies.

Indian standard IS 10500 specifies following limits for drinking water
Desirable limit ( min. ): 0.2 ppm

Measures Total Residual Chlorine in ppm.

  • Type : Colorimetric
  • Sensitivity : 0.1 ppm, 0.2 ppm, 0.5 ppm
  • Range : 0-1.0 ppm, 0-2.0 ppm & 0-5.0 ppm respectively
  • No.of Tests/Pack : 200 nos.


  • Reagent Bottle, Colour Comparator, Test Jar
  • Compact PVC corrugated pack with lock and Handle.
  • Conveniently mounted waterproof testing procedure

Chloroscope is available in 3 models for different ranges of TRC. Specify model required, while ordering.